When it comes to fending off a suspected mind control transmission, there are two basic avenues of approach. One is passive and the other is active. An example of each is given below.

Faraday Shield

Within the context of shielding the head from absorption of Wi-Fi and mobile phone signals, tin foil hats have achieved popular notoriety. Unfortunately, they are largely ineffective due to the ability of radio frequency waves to wrap around open edges, such as would remain at the neck. For this reason, a seamless enclosure is required. Short of wearing a full-body suit, usage is thereby limited to stationary installations.

Electrically conductive materials will reflect away the type of radio waves most often employed as carriers of low frequency brain wave analogs. The simplest construction is metal fly screen stapled to a sturdy wooden frame. Other options include builders’ foil, sheet metal, graphite loaded paint, or commercially manufactured canopies of fabric that has been metalised or infused with silver threads.

ELF Entrainment Device

It is not technically feasible to banish offending signals once they have entered your adjacent airspace. However, adverse impacts can be mitigated by introducing a competitive emission that imparts known beneficial or normalising effect. These are logically modeled upon natural phenomena.

One popular choice is the primary Schumann Earth-ionosphere cavity resonance. At about 8 cycles per second, it correlates with and supports “alpha” brain wave activity. Although many levels of sophistication are possible, basic kits such as the one pictured above are available online.